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When you take a shit, go to wipe, and it's clean!!! No shit to clean up..
When your at work where the toilet paper is cheap and the situations is uncomfortable.
by Bruce Johnson December 13, 2004
1 1
When you take a shit, wipe your ass and the t.p. is clean as a whistle.
I was so happy my dump was a clean getaway, as I was on a date.
by J. Edwards April 24, 2003
25 2
When you take a nasty dump at work and really stink up the place but get in and out of the bathroom before anyone comes in.
A had to drop a deuce at work today after all of that mexican good last night. I really stunk up the place. But I was able to make a clean getaway.
by kajoe September 16, 2006
11 7
When you are having anal sex,hopefully with a chick, before you pull out you poke her in the sides so she clentches up and your dick comes out clean.
I hate getting shit on my dick, so I use the clean getaway on my girlfriends.
by KC October 18, 2004
7 10