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A word generally used when you wish to Insult someone to the ultimate level.
"Torie & Lizzie are a right couple of cleamans!"
by Joe Berry March 27, 2008
11 39
Semen shot between a women's breasts (cleavage)
Wiping the cleamen off took 3 kleenex.
by fir January 29, 2006
58 35
The space between a man's moobs; cleavage on a man.
When fat men work out, they are often left tired and with sweaty cleaman.
by Justin C . Kenney January 18, 2009
32 16
The line that goes from the head of the penis all the way down to the anoose.
Luke walked in to a grocery store and exposed his cleamen to innocent customers.
by caca poo poo pee pee shire July 26, 2012
1 1
Clevage of the female sex organ.
Did you see Sarah's camel toe, way to much cleamen there.
by matt rodgers May 14, 2008
9 15
Not actually a real word
I wish cleaman was a real word.
by There are none because its not August 12, 2008
19 39