The most amazing person ever. He's a great friend and lover, and he's just the sweetest person you'll ever meet. In addition to all of that, he's an amazing kisser & has a bit of a hormonal problem ;). However, you have to be careful if you ever date one because he is a guy that can convince you that you mean so much to him, but if he isn't getting what he wants he will move on to the next while keeping you for just in case things don't work out. He will always tell you the truth whether you like it or not, even if it hurts. You may not always be in love with the one you had, but a piece of you will always love him.
What happened with you and Clayton?

He had another girl
by jksdfdnskjfn February 21, 2013
He is a quiet out-going man who not everyone gets along with - even though he is one of the most loving and caring people ever! Claytons normally have dirty-blonde hair with sky eyes. The people that are lucky enough to ever meet one will cherish Clayton forever, with his bright smile and amazing laugh! The perfect girl is out there but may be closer to him than he thinks. The woman he will marry will have a name starting with a D because of Clayton's alphabetical mind that he uses to creat many things. Claytons are usally smart in many areas but do not take credit for much of their works, because of their humble nature.
Clayton is just so lovely and smart!
by tickler12 October 22, 2013
Adj. A substitute, an ersatz version; which is possibly inferior, or lacking some characteristics of the original.

Origin: from an advertising campaign of a non-alcoholic drink marketted in Australia and New Zealand as a substitute for whisky. "The drink you have when you're not having a drink". It was foul-tasting by all accounts.
"Oh, Peter? He's my Clayton's Boyfriend (laughter)"

(A male friend a woman might go out with and even be thought by observers to be in a couple with, yet not one with whom she is having a relationship. "The boyfriend you have when you aren't having a boyfriend")

"You worked 60 hours last week and then moderate the forum in your spare time? How do you do it?"
"It's my Clayton's life. The life you have when you're not having a life."
by Jimmy from Oz August 08, 2005
Toughest guy you will ever meet. He head butts Bears. Redneck till the day he dies. He'll kill anyone who pisses him off
He is such a badass. Must be a clayton
by Redneck12345 February 15, 2015
A nickname for the dildo modeled after the dragon penis of "Clayton the Earth Dragon", sold by Bad Dragon.
"Hey, which one do you think he'd like?"
"Probably 'Clayton the Earth Dragon'."
by Xenogon December 02, 2013
big penis, bigger heart
have you seen claytons junk?
by usernamepenis May 14, 2015
Clayton is a name usually given to a male. It is an ancient Celtic word meaning, "large penis". Clayton's are also very funny and cool to be around.
Wow no wonder your name is Clayton!
by Clayton Harvey April 12, 2015
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