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1) a biography of a Texas wildcatter, from the depths of hell to the heights of glory.
2) A prank/hazing method which involves spreading and or hiding copies of "Claytie" thorughout the victims room.
3) Stacking many copies of "claytie" leaning against the victims inward opening door, so that it falls in on them when they open it.
1) Michael: "Man, habve you read "Claytie?"
Matt: "Nah dawg, I just prank people with it"
2) Michael:"What the heck? Whya are all these random books in here? What the Hell? How did they get in all my drawers?
Matt: "You've been Claytied"
3) Michael: "AAARGHH, I've been crushed by biographies!!"
Matt: "Claytied"
by GoonRoom April 24, 2012
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