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A fat chicks clit. Usually paired with a fupa.
Did you see that fat chick.
Yea, i bet she's got a nasty clat.
by Sharkcop May 10, 2011
Noun - derogatory term

Refers to a male who is sexually promiscuous and/or has meaningless sex or other sexual activity with numerous women (or men).

May be used of a male who has a history of engaging in sexual activity with numerous partners (possibly simultaneously)

May be used of a male who dresses promiscuously (i.e. "like a douchebag") in order to attract sexual partners.

Female form: Slut
"Did you hear that Mike slept with the whole cheer leading squad? What a clat!"

Chad: Look at Karl over there talking to Kelly. He's such a playa'.
Aaron: Playa'?! He's not a playa'; he's a clat!

"I just saw a complete clat outside with his collar popped!"
by Karl Remus March 11, 2009
to be a hardcore thug and complete failure at life at the same time; one crazy-ass MoFo!!!
50 Cent is such a C-Lat!
by Rob L\'Heureux March 17, 2003
A woman failed to have an orgasm.
Similar to how a man can become flaccid during sexual intercourse. A woman's clit can go clat, or a woman failed to orgasm.
by Booz Allen's Hamiltons July 07, 2014
One rather tough-minded Gozaga student who loves the form of the male body and home and garden shows.
I saw some C-lat last friday pulling into the Washington Home & Garden Show in Chantilly.
by Robb Kiley March 20, 2003
A surly Irishman known to regularly frisk and fraternize with sheep; to play the rusty trombone
Did you see that surly Irishman play the rusty trombone with those sheep?
by Rob L'Heureux March 17, 2003
A large congregation of clitorises with a place at any given time.
Dude do you see that clat there waiting for us
by Jackhammer244 March 28, 2013