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Class of SWAG. Loud, funny, immature, energetic.
"Class of 2014 has swag."
"Not all."
by Anissa. August 11, 2011
Most girls who are popular hang out with the older kids and get drunk and high on the weekends in someone's basement when the parents are gone. The girls are skanks and think they are hot shit. The guys are full of themselves and have the wanna be tough guy black person when really your just a white kid. Everyone has a twitter and Facebook and is constantly texting. No one talks on the phone it's either text or voicemail. There are a bunch of cliques and everyone tries to nudge their way into the "coolest" clique, in 20 years the "cool" clique will be a bunch of no life's. There are no real friends because everyone's just in it for themselves. Survival of the fittest but in this case survival of the most popular. Everyone always complains how tired they are and how they're so busy when quite frankly no one gives a shit. People will say nice things to your face but behind your back everyone talks shit and lies to one another. 95% of the grade drinks, about half smokes weed. Every time there's a party there are tons of pictures taken of these underaged kids drinking posted to facebook so in the long run colleges and companies can look at your facebook and deny your college app or not hire you. Everything is a big deal and eventually blows over. The people who you think are your friends will turn against you in a heartbeat .
Class of 2014, bunch of losers. Tremendous swag however..
by Mr.Unknown \_(-_-)_/ January 08, 2012
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