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The last class to make you say "oh!"
Class of 2009. Class of "oh-nine." Get it?
by I don't want a pseudonym December 16, 2009
When your apart of the class of 2009 that means you'll graduate either elementary, middle, high school in the year of 2009.
The high school class of 2008 people came and went, 2010 still got another year and 2012 people are just beginning but us class of 2009 people are here for only a couple more months.
by Dontleavemeintexas March 09, 2009
The graduating class of 2009, in either high school, middle school, college, or kindergarten.

When you are in trouble, the Class of 2009 will always stick together.
You were in the Class of 2009? That means we're brothers.
by classof09 April 15, 2008
least likely to succeed
damn proud of it.

"Dude rock on 2008! We were so badass!"
"We arent SHIT compared to 09"
"agreed, the class of 2009 are hardfuckincore."
by missymel July 19, 2008

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