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To be eternally sad and do nothing to help yourself.
What a Claro, he hasn't ate in a week.
by Me baby, ME September 03, 2006
like saying "Yeah! Let's do it!"
do you want to go to the party?

"Si Claro!"
by smackthat34 February 02, 2010
Claro is the most bestest person you can ever meet. They're nice, sweet, amazing, and funny. He will always be there for you and sweep you off your feet. Claro can be the most unique name.. Or well to me. And I'm so happy I found my only Claro a.k.a my shoe<3 I love you babe muchi <3 Love Your Glasses.
~8-27-13~ <3 I love you Claro
by TheOneAndOnlyGlasses December 07, 2013