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This award is given to individuals that consistently lie, make false promises, and screw over their friends for no apparent reason and without any self-gain.

Historically this award can only be given out after one has been nominated and a third party has validated and concedes the nomination.

There is no contesting this award

This award can be given out in two different manners.
1. as a crown for limited circumstances.

2. As a bronze plaque for a life-time achievement award displaying the historically & commercially famous Chicago maître d' Frank Brown. If the rare circumstance of a woman winning this honor occurs the picture of Frank Brown will be replaced with the historically & commercially famous Nancy Green.
Friend 1 "Is Carmen finally coming down to hang out?"

Friend 2 "No, for the 50th time he lied and decided to stay at home to wash his counter tops! This is Ridiculous! I nominate Carmen for the Clarence Reginald Whorley Award for lifetime achievement!”

Friend 1 "I concede that nomination! He’s a shoe in, Good Call!!"
by Merchers February 02, 2010
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