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A girl who smells like shit, too ugly to be true, she has horrible teeth and most of the time she’s farting and even in the classrooms :L cause her bum’s apparently always working but it is just a kinda “scream” which comes from her bum and it means “fuck me”. she’s the biggest slag ever and she has won lots of prizes for being such a slag, she has been on the slag lists since they were created till our days :L she has kept the 1rst place during 4 years consecutively and she’s the biggest slag in the United Kingdom and in the world, she has established a new record never seen before as the girl who has seen more cocks in the world, she has seen more cocks than a porn actress though some people say that Clare has seen more cocks than a male public toilet :L this is said by those who have fucked Clare and because of it they have arranged a meeting: the annual meeting “I fucked Clare Stephenson ” where those who have fucked clare can go there and tell their stories about having sex with Clare Stephenson :L
1st Example.

Girl 1: Look that girl's such a slag, she has slept around with lots of boys.

Girl 2: yer, she's a right Clare :/.

2nd Example.

Boy 1: im going to go to the annual meeting I fucked Clare

Boy 2: You fucked what? |: where the fuck are you going?

Boy 1: I've fucked Clare Stephenson so i will go to the annual meeting for those who have fucked her.

Boy 2: Could i go mate?

Boy 1: NO! you havent fucked Clare :/

Boy 2: oh :(
by ThePunisherColxx November 02, 2011
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