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(verb) French for :

1. Slam (a door).
2. Kick the bucket.
3. Spend or waste (huge amounts of money).
1. Slam the door shut :

- So what's up with Josh ?

- Dunno. Last thing I heard before he left, he was yelling his head off. Kind of a way to "claquer la porte".
- Shoot - Jodie must really have déconner, this time.

2. Kick the bucket :

From an advertisement for internet access to elderly people :

- "Les vieux, 'faut que ça clique, ou 'faut que ça claque !"
(= "Old people : click it, or kick it !")

3. Spend money :

Shit, man : that dude over there : he's busy "claquer" his cash like there's no tomorrow !
by Blues Buster January 22, 2010
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