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To be in this clan you must either be over 20 and a virgin, or under 18 and pre pubescent. Usually full of noobs, especially the warcraft division. The leader Chobo(OD) recently went on a chinese rampage with police and ended up getting shot to death. You have a wigger bigballer(OD) who hasn't been laid in ages and is still around.
I decided to get good, so I left clan OD and joined a PROFESSIONAL clan that games instead of tons of drama.
by Clan OD November 21, 2010
Clan OD or OverDosed, founded in 2002 is still pulling strong after so many years. Excellent Diablo II LoD Divison, Pwnage CS 1.6 Division, Roflstompage HoN Division, WtfOWNAGE War3 Division.

Stop by sometime,, currently recruiting.
Guy 1 : Dude, I just got tested to join CLAN OD!!!
Guy 2 : No shit??? They are sooooo much better then Clan AH.
Guy 1 : I know dude..
by Anim4l October 08, 2009
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