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Slang for Charter Communications. The worst Internet Service Provider (ISP) encounterable. Chowdah Communications often sells broken parts and then charges more to fix them. Their internet bandwidth is really slow at .5mb/sec, even though the minimum speed possible is 4mb/sec. Their tech support is stationed in India, and they're probably all high off drinking too much Clam Chowdah, anyway.

Clam Charter has really awkward employees that drive orange Chowdah Rape Vanes that roam the streets.
Scoots: LoRes, do U R still = Clam Chowdah?

LoRes: YEEEHAWWW!!!111one!1 I was comblitching to them for an hour on the phone, and the Charter Bundle which controls internet, tv, phone, dropped my phonecall as they were pretending to fix my problem!

Scoots: FISK.dll!11! U R got PWN3d in 3D! Better call URU"R winmen N mak sure U R+"Re clear UR"RE knight!1!1 Chowdah will probably send an army of rape vans to U"RE HOUSE within teh_hour!1!

LoRes has logged off. Reason: Bad connection.
by LoRes February 29, 2008
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The act of cuming inside a vagina then eating said vagina out afterwards.
I jizzed in the old lady's twat and now it's time for some clam chowdah.
by Lukeflytalker September 13, 2016
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