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(n.) The situation where a woman deliberately facilitates pregnancy without her regular partner's consent or knowledge, generally done to secure future financial support from that partner in the form of child support payments. The practice takes advantage of the severely disadvantageous legal climate for fathers of unwanted children.

It is typically done by deliberately ending dosage of birth control medication, but other methods include lying about the timing of the menstrual cycle, sabotaging female contraceptives, or retrieval of semen from discarded condoms.

In extreme circumstances where the couple practices withdrawal as contraceptive, she wraps her legs around her partner at the moment of orgasm and prevents withdrawal before ejaculation occurs.
That bitch Ashley pulled a clamtrap on Brent, she cut up her diaphragm and the paternity test says it's his. He owes her two grand a month for the next 18 years.
by gyruss October 29, 2009
a gross vagina, normally been around the block
dont go near her clam trap
by Clam hunter February 11, 2009

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