A girl who is pretty but can be VERY cranky when she is tired! A girl who has 1 brother who thinks he is the boss of everything and is very weird and mean. Claire is a really smart person(Book Wise) but not very Street smart. She also can't go one day during the summer without hanging out with somebody. She tends to go out with older boys and/or cousin's of her best friend.
Claire is over there!

Claire thinks she is all that, just kidding♥.

Claire, stop texting me, hehe.
by fishwalker September 11, 2011
one who is unique, tall, funny, and really clumsy. a unique independent person who knows how to have a great time extremely funny and outgoing. she has lots of friends and is always there for them. when she is down anyone can cheer her up. She will have crushes on many boys but the closest one to her will be her biggest crush. she is a kind of person who smiles a lot; laughs a lot; who is athletic (when she wants to be); and is very picky about who she trusts.
"Woah, that beautiful girl over there looks like a Claire!"
by Cs5 March 10, 2015
A super-mega-awesome-hot person who all the guys chase. She makes all the girls cry and does not give sympathy. She is a super sexy beast and funny. She is a goddess of hottness. Her ass is super fine too.
Guy 1: God that Claire is so sexxy!

Girl 1: I no! I want her so bad! Dayummm I want to ride her like a horse! Gidde up!
by yourninja11 September 13, 2011
Others see Claire's as sensible, cautious, careful and practical. They see Claire's as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends quickly or easily, but Claire's are extremely loyal to friends they do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know claire's realize it takes a lot to shake Claire's trust in Claire's friends, but equally that it takes a long time for Claire's to get over it if that trust is ever broken.
Claire is one of the most trust worthy people I know.
by Ewitsme February 11, 2015
Claire is a name and a french word the name "Claire" is a short, funny, beautiful (even if she denies it) ,and most of all smart. most Claires have ADHD. the french word claire is a noun it describes a beautiful funny intelligent mean person and yeah
she is a claire she is a snob.....claire is an awesome girl
by hihihihihihoehoehoehoehoe June 09, 2013
A girl with long brown hair, blue eyes, and typically short. They are known for liking guys that are much taller then themselves. They can always make you laugh, brighten up your day, always will have your back.
Oh my gosh. She's such a Claire. I wish I was more like her.
by Rachel Serr May 29, 2013
A Claire is an amazing person who always pays attention to her friends needs. She isn't selfish, but sometimes she wishes that someone would do the same things for her as she does for them. She is beautiful but refuses to admit it. She likes animals, but mostly cats. She is a phenomenal singer. She loves to learn, but doesn't really like school. She tends to become attached to people easily and has a hard time letting go of old crushes or former boyfriends. She has more than one best friend and she treats them with equal love and respect.
"Wow, that girl is really beautiful!"
"Yeah, that's Claire."
by Techrae February 11, 2015

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