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1. A fruit with sour taste.
2. A girl from Florida who loves to kayak, dance, and go bowling. Also, Citrus is a fantasic person to have for a relationship because she is I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T and equipped with a high sex drive. Loyal, trustworthy, and altruistic.
"Citrus, I'm gonna vote you president one day."

"Hey do you taste like Citrus?"

"Citrus is a fruit."
by Citrus Danger January 18, 2009
8 14
It's a noun, verb, adjective AND an interjection. It's the universal curse word.
Go suck a citrus!!...
I'm going to citrus you ALL night...
What's up ma citrus???
I'm seriously citrus right now...
WTC -What the citrus..
I just citrused your mother...
She's one hell of a citrus
by okonkwooooo and ikemefunaaaa March 03, 2011
36 12
a. refreshing; cool; great; fine; excellent.

b. characterized by great facility; highly talented or ingenuity.

c. socially adept.
a. That party was poppin' with Citrus last night.
b. Lyrics were so Citrus they exploded out of his mouth.
c. This is Citrus.
by atbwx July 27, 2009
18 13
A kid who loves to smoke a lot of weed. Citrus-es are generally from New Jersey and love soccer. Generally, unless your friends with a citrus, calling a citrus a citrus will get you punched in the chest at least once.
Yo citrus, let's go smoke some weed!
by Johnny Smothen December 03, 2007
28 24
ADJ: having the quality of being cool, fly, or poppin; lax, chill, calm
VERB: to be cool, popular, chill, or laid back; also an exclamation
*Guy does triple backflip*
Guy: CITRUS!!!!

Girls at prom
Girl 1: Did you see Jessica's new heels? They match her lip stick perfectly.
Girl 2: Her outfit is so citrus! She is beautiful.
Girl 1: She is probably gonna win prom queen.

All of the citrus fruits have citrus peels.
by ChillBro9240 August 16, 2013
2 2
a word that whipped, pretty girls use instead of cunt.
"Oi you mad citrus!"
Thats Keenan is a fucking citrus.
by claire reeve June 13, 2011
8 8
A chick who wears either too much bronzer, or goes tanning too much so they look like Oompa-Loopmas.
"Damn girl, Willy Wonka called and he wants yo' citrus ass back at the factory."
by awhellznaw4 April 12, 2010
9 9
basically, the slang word for acid-as in the drug

or fruits such as : oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit, inc.
hippie: man, give me the citrus!
teacher: huh? an orange?
by KBxz3 June 25, 2009
10 14