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Usually Hispanic, not to be mean. People usually say it wrong, but when said right, its beautiful. Like the girl of course.
Always a girl, if a guy might be a bit of a homo, don't you think? Great in bed total sex freak! Watch out she can be sweet and innocent but is fun and out going. Get to know a Citlali
Jeff:Hey Its Ki-tahl-i!
Aden:No idiot, its pronounce Si-tllah-lee
Jeff:Citlali the beauty.
Aden:Yes she is.
Jeff:I heard Citlali is great in bed
Aden:Keeping tabs on Citlali much?
Jeff:That is what Citlali is for?
Aden:Wow, forget what I just said.
by babygcs01 July 25, 2008