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Similar to citizen's arrest, in that a bystander or group of bystanders will force someone to leave a bar for acting like a douchebag.
Fed-"Yo bro, you gotta go bro. You gotta go"
Martin-"Ya you're outta here buddy"
Craig-" Yo that broski just got a mean citizen's bounce"
by Craigory87 July 10, 2008
Similar to Citizens Arrest.

When one is forcibly removed from a bar by a fellow citizen, due to extreme inebriation or bad behavior, using the phrase "You gotta go, bro, you gotta go".
A Citizen's Bounce:

Drunk Guy: "Yo man, I'm so drunk right now"
Bouncer lightly pushes on Drunk Guy's chest
Bouncer: "You gotta go, bro, you gotta go"
by C-Block Pro July 10, 2008