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When one is reverse-titty-fucking a woman so that all she see's is his nut sack, which happens to look like a bowtie between her jugs.
It was Valentines Day, so I topped Clair's gift of with a Cinncinnati Bowtie.
by JustDontShitInHerFace May 02, 2007
The act of having oral sex with someone's stoma.
I met this girl that has lung mouth cancer. she has a stoma cut in her throat. so i stuck my penis in it. Much better than anal sex! Cinncinnati bowtie... best orgasm EVER!
by Johnathan Howard April 08, 2006
when you stick your penis in a girls throat hole(due to cancer)and it starts to bleed leaving a shape of a bowtie
I stopped by the cancer ward yesterday and gave a girl a cinncinnati bowtie, it was messy
by Brenan Glassford November 30, 2006
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