The cleanest way to refer to a woman's sexuality. It includes her smell, taste, and naughty side. To the furthest degree her purity.
She keeps giving her cinnamon away.

Her cinnamon is no match for my mustard.
by Griff McGriffton April 29, 2010
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Cinnamon is something difficult to say when drunk.
Thanks, but I don't want to have sex
Good evening, officer. Isn't it lovely out tonight?
Nope, no more beer for me....
these are also difficult to say when drunk.
Cinnanannomm .....Cinomon ...Ciniman ...uhhh!i give up, gimme another beer! :cinnamon
by Mandi. October 30, 2006
A name given to only the nicest, kindest, prettiest and funniest of girls. If you ever meet a Cinnamon marry her right then and there, you can't go wrong. They usually have brilliant acting skills, not to mention their amazing taste in apparel that is shore to turn any head. Cute pigtails and overalls are a necessity for any Cinnamon to own and wear in their wardrobe (they wouldn't be Cinnamon without them) as it brings out their adorable and fun loving side - I mean seriously overalls are HOT. Cinnamon's tend to have quirky tendencies that to them seem normal but to others make no sense at all such as: wearing wrist watches on their ankles and bent toothbrushes on their wrists, or shoelaces as ribbons in their hair. And don't forget their vocabulary. If you know a Cinnamon you're bound to hear words and phrases such as: lush, so sadness making, happiness in a cup, rad, brill, and glorious very very VERY often. In short Cinnamon is the greatest girl that I know.
Boy1: Maaaaate check out that Boris
Boy2: Braaaaah that aint no Boris that's a Cinnamon! Are you going to marry her or can I?
by shoorysmile December 07, 2011
Usually a very sexy, unique girl. You can't find another like her. You will never forget her name or her.
Cinnamon was the greatest girl I ever had.
by NevrGiveUp! May 12, 2011
(Adjective) The equivalent to a ginger, just more attractive and usually has a soul. Commonly found in the North Eastern part of the United States and Western Canada. Freckles are prominent and usually in large numbers. Some cinnamons are found wearing obscene clothing, beware. Large families are usually together in one area of the country of this breed.

Differences between the two are skin tones, which are usually a shade darker than most gingers and the cinnamons are more aesthetically pleasing,
"Yo man, did you see that slamming ginger over there with her tits hanging out?!"

"Yeah I did man but that's no ginger! It's a cinnamon! You don't find banging gingers anywhere these days!"
by Cole&&Frappe' April 15, 2011
Edible trees for pussies
Real men eat tress, Boy-scouts eat cinnamon
by ThePyromaniaxe March 16, 2016
A splash of caramel with a hint of golden flava.
Damn, look at that girl. Must be that cinnamon in her.
by cinnamon > caramel November 28, 2006
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