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1. an adjective used to describe a person who is so surgically altered that they resemble a poorly drawn comic book alien.
2. an old dried up stretched out version of Paris Hilton.
3. a person who steals drugs from poor, starving, 3rd world children.
4. a younger woman who steals a disabled persons' husband.
5. Someone who uses their large fortune to get out of trouble.
1. I bought a comic at the dollar store. I want my money back because the main alien is such a Cindy McCain!
2. When Paris Hilton is ninetey she will be such a Cindy McCain.
3. My brother pulled a Cindy McCain and stole oxycotin from his Peace Corps chapter in Afghanistan.
4. That Cindy McCain took my sister's husband after she was disabled in a car accident.
5. I got stopped by the cops but I pulled a Cindy McCain and they let me go.
by mittensandbuddy August 25, 2008

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