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Cindy Le is a gorgeous young girl who will forever change your life. She's stunningly beautiful and has a great sense of humor.

When you talk to her, her voice is as soft as an angel's harp.

Although she'll tease you a lot, you'll find a way to still smile through it all.
Bobby:Hey isn't that Cindy Le?
Van:No stupid, that's an angel.
Bobby:That's what I meant!

Oh my gah, I wish I was Cindy Le. I'm so jealous of her, she's so gorgeous.

by LittleF00t September 07, 2008
An Asian person, most likely female and is Vietnamese, that appears to be like any other average Asian person.
John: "Hey look, it's Cindy Le!"
Adam: "Oh, you mean that Asian person?"
by vietxbaby January 24, 2009
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