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When a person generally with a Caucasian stomach eats too much Mexican food and in turn spends more time in the bathroom than usual.

Usually occurs on Cinco de Mayo.
Tommy, Cam, and I headed out to El Oasis for lunch in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Then dinner rolled around and we figured we'd go to Panchero's. A fight over the bathroom ensued. Needless to say we got Cinco de Mayo'd.
by Peter the Meter May 05, 2009
When one person (traditionally a female, but with today's seemingly more lax attidudes towards same-sex encounters, it could be anyone) gets 5-T'd by a posse of mexican bandits.
After a quiet dinner turned into a raucous 3-hour extravaganza of drinking and yelling, they went to the bar to watch, among other things, someone getting Cinco de Mayo'd.
by Where's the muffolini September 14, 2012
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