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this is what mexicans write on their shopping list when they want to buy five jars of 'best foods' brand mayonnaise because it is on sale 5 for 5 dollars with their wal-mart coupons. which most of them believe it is still too much money because its nearly 64 pesos for them.
juan: vamos a ir a Wal-Mart y ir de compras.
lets go to wal-mart and go shopping.

diego: necesitamos mayonesa.
we need mayonnaise

juan:escribirlo en la lista, vamos a conseguir cinco porque está en venta.
write it on the list, let's get 5 because it's on sale.

diego:'Cinco da Mayo', lo tengo!
diego:'five da mayo', got it!
by diegojuanito June 09, 2013
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