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Akin to the "Cleveland Steamer" a Cincinnati Hotplate is when one person lays under a glass table while another person straddles the table and defecates on the table, giving the "receiver" the fecalphiliac thrill without the mess.

See also "Stallone"
"Sylvester Stallone was a big fan of the ol' Cincinnati Hotplate. He'd pay big bucks to have hookers drop a deuce on the table while he spanked one out to it. Sick!"
by 0110100101010010101 August 06, 2009
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1) n. A ridiculously good looking girl, generally from Cincinnati, who flatulates during anal sex, to a degree which is nasally unbearable.

2) v. The intentional act of expelling bodily gas while recieving anal sex.

3) n., v. A type of sex, historically favored by many Cincinnati residents, in which a particularly gaseous man amd a particularly gaseous woman flatulate during sex repeatedly, sometimes in unison or in competition with each other.
1) "Yeah I took her home but we should have gone to her house, it turns out that chick was a Cincinnati hot plate. I febreezed last night and my room still stinks."

2) "Bill, if you don't stop telling people what we did, the next time we do it, I'm gonna Cincinnati hot plate you until you throw up."

3) n. "You wanna Cincinnati hot plate? Go to Felipe's House of Tacos and Kabobs. The girls who eat there can't help but to give you a Cincinnati hot plate."

v. " The newlyweds were appalled to learn that the older couple liked to eat big dinners and go home early to Cicinnati hot plate all night."
by Bobodilla bobolak October 17, 2007
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I had no KY so I gave the Cincinnati Hotplate.
by beefums March 17, 2005
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