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A caring person that will run into walls if you want them to. He also likes double rainbows by unicorns.
Cieran, where's the biscuits!
*runs into walls*
by Rory341 November 06, 2012
A irsishman whos parents spelt his name wrong. has a low self esteem and has the best friends ever. he wishes he could say something to the one he loves but is to shy
hey cieran whats up

ntm just thinking
by theonewhocares April 02, 2009
An Asian guy who is good at judo, likes to go out drinking, but not always keep it down haha, rocks out to whatever, and just a good mate.
"hey look at that cool kung-fu asian guy rocking it out on his 9th beer"
"yea dats Cieran"
by TJ9190 July 30, 2008