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A mysterious group of hackers and cryptographers that, according to leaked documents, believe "censorship, tyranny, and oppression of any kind must end," and that "privacy is an inalienable right." Little is actually known about the group, except that they recruit via complex online puzzles involving a wide variety of subjects, including: cryptography, art, number theory, programming, old literature, steganography, hacking, and posters that show up in various cities around the world. The puzzles have begun on January 5th each year.

Some think it's actually recruiting for the NSA, others think it's an ARG, and others think it's actually the core group of Anonymous.
Have you seen Jeff?

Nah, he's doing this year's Cicada 3301 puzzle, so he'll be locked in his house for the next two months.

Damn. I heard some people that went to find Cicada posters disappeared and were never heard from again.

That shit's probably NSA, bro.
by infamous_n_ May 20, 2013
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