'Chweebus' is a major diety that's featured prominently in the fictional writings and art of Thomas Nguy, a New York based art director.

An incarnation of an unknown cosmic force, the 'Chweebus' takes the form of a white bird that resembles an albatross, dove and a seagull.

The 'Chweebus' is venerated, feared and hated respectively by the various races and cultures that inhabit a vast undefined realm. Because of the miraculous appearance and intervention of the 'Chweebus' in dire circumstances, the name has become an exclamation of the serendipitous and portentous.
"I just got a call back from the audition! Chweebus!"

"Look at that amazing sunset! Chweebus!"

"Mom, I'm getting married! Chweebus!"
by Kaizhen July 11, 2009
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