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1. a Top 10 hit for Culture Club (featuring the notorious Boy George) during the fall of 1983.

2. any "church" or religion that dominates the member's lives: what they do, what they say and what they think. They become absolute droids or sheep. In other words, a cult.
1. Culture Club performed their hit "Church of the Poison Mind" on a TV program to welcome the new year 1984.

2. Danny has been spouting out dogma and doctrine ever since he joined that fundamentalist church. He's now in a Church of the Poison Mind.

3. The members of al-Qaida, Hamas and other so-called Islamic fundie terrorist organizations belong to a Church of the Poison Mind. So do a lot of people all over the planet. That includes here in America.

4. An Episcopalian chapel at the university where I got my college degree advertizes itself by saying that Jesus died to take away your sins, not your mind.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 26, 2009
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