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A Glorious Religion Founded In 2008 By The Fantastic And Glorious Mary. Based On Christianity But Highly Influencing Wikipedia As The Place Of Answers (Not To Be Confused With The Bible Which Is The Ultimate Book). Legend Has It That Mary Would Ride Around In A Cart Pulled By A Bike, Preaching About The Religion. She Would Be Seen Wearing A Hanging Basket On Her Head And Long Purple Robes. This Fashion Is Followed By Many Wikapedians Today. Wikipedians Worship In Wikathedrals. The Wiki Theme Tune Is Afterlife By Avenged Sevenfold And Motto "Give Mary Stuff!".
OH Look At That Nice Wiki On Their Wy To The Wikathedral
I Think i Will Join The Church Of Wiki
by Wikiwoooo February 03, 2008
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