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The group of people who worship Captain Falcon. Beginning at the website Halolzin early 2009, followers of the Church of Falcon are urged to show their moves every day or they will not be accepted into heaven.

As Captain Falcon is God, Wolf O'Donnell is the devil. He attempts to stop people from doing that by saying "Can't let you do that!"

Prayers to the Falcon must end in "YES!"
Church of Falcon prayer:

Our Falcon, who art in Mute City, awesome be thy moves.
Thy meme has come, thy pose be done, on Earth as it is in Halolz.
Give us this day our Falcon Punch, and show us your moves
As we show our moves to those against us
Lead us not into Mudkipz, but deliver us from Star Wolf.
For thine is the coolness, and the lolz, and the glory.
Forever and ever,
by Leo058 August 28, 2009

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