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1. To ace an exam without studying

2. To ball like the GOAT
A: "Hey how was your biochem exam?"

B: "Dun worry I Chuk'ed (common acronym for Chukwudi'ed) it"
by Nigerian Prince March 04, 2011
1. A person who has a severe procrastination issue
2. Someone who is obsessive over grades and other such nonsense
3. A person that uses words (especially slang) incorrectly
4. A person that is extremely annoing
Alternatively, it can be defined as:
A person whom you would be best off never meeting, talking to, or otherwise having contact with.
Me: "You're being a Chukwudi!"
Anyone sane individual: "Take that back! Thats horrible! Oh god no!"
by WBRobotics December 20, 2006
A married man who lies, cheats and has affairs.
I just broke up with my boyfriend because I found out he is a chukwudi.
by Not_A_Fool June 17, 2016
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