A chugnut is an intolerable fool, whose speech, behaviour and sometimes appearance, is reminiscent of repulsive genitalia.
John Howard is a total chugnut.
by Bernie January 06, 2005
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To fervently swallow copious amounts of semen, often from multiple cocks.
Monti loves to chugnut.
by Montilicious December 10, 2003
Noun: The best thing for drinking since.... Shit, when was beer invented?
"Andrew got so drunk with the ChugNut last weekend. I swear he shotguns beers faster then anyone else I know."

"Yeah I know! Its that damn ChugNut punched hole"
by Drinking_Buddy September 02, 2014

To frantically swallow copious amounts of semen, often from multiple cocks.
Monti loves to Chugnut.
by Imbackbitch September 18, 2006
Winnits,dangleberries, small amounts of fecal material stuck to anal hair forming clumps
Go suck a winnit fag boy
by Matt Steel October 23, 2003
A guy who is a fucking idiot, moron.
That chugnuts better stop tailing my ass or I am going to jump out this car and road rage his ass!
by Penny Lancaster May 28, 2010
Small pieces of poo that stick to the hairs on a persons anus
Poo stuck on a persons anal beard.Chugnut
by NewLine February 01, 2009
Very small lumps of shit that stick to hairy bottoms usually due to lack of ass wiping.
SAMMER-"Oi. Why are you picking at your ass all the time, Hobbit?"

HOBBIT-"Its the Chug Nuts, man. Can't have wiped enough earlier when i did a steamy heap of shit!!"
by Racist Dave June 07, 2007

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