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A woman who can create vaginal flatulence on demand without the assistance of a penis or penetrating object such as a dildo or a banana.
That woman Danielle is one hell of a chuff puffer. She sat on top of my bed, legs spread wide eagle and sucked in that massive intake of oxygen into her va jay jay with the assistance of her muscles and let out this massive chuff puff, aka Pussy Fart!! I hadn't even stuck my dick in her yet!! The chuff puffer then proceeded to show that she could chuff puff a cigarette with her va jay jay.
by Brad the Hammer June 27, 2011
A woman who voluntarily queefs or chuff puffs in the presence of her man with the intention of getting him to perform cunnilingus on her.
Before I even started pulverizing her Chuff with my long and slender Cock, the Chuff Puffer turned her Chuff toward me and with some muscle control, sucked in the air required for Chuff Puffs and let out these massive Chuff Puffs that only a Chuff Puffer could do.
by Chuff Puffer Amuser May 30, 2011
A woman who voluntarily chuff puffs in front of her man with the idea of getting him to watch in amusement so that he cant help but to perform cunnilingus on her.
My ex-girlfriend, D.E.E. is a chuff puffer.
by Chuff Puff Amuser May 30, 2011
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