Farting in bed, then immediately pulling the sheet over your partner's head - like a covered wagon.
My girl's pissed at me because I gave her a chuckwagon last night
by Dave Atik April 14, 2003
A word oringated on the campus of Messiah College in 1956 to describe anyone annoying, silly, smelly, obnoxious or garbage-like.
Like that Chuck...yeah you know him.
When Zach Boyd farted in class, the fat girl behind him threw up and called him a chuckwagon.

"Ji-won" if you smoke and speed on campus, I will call you a chuckwagon....later"

Jared really looked like a chuckwagon when he shrieked and started crying like a little schoolgirl after the teacher scratched the chalkboard in class. Then he pooed himself.
by Jared Yoder loves men September 08, 2004
1. Release feces into condom (it is unnecessary for the fecal matter to be your own)
2. Insert penis into condom with feces
3. Secure the creation with a rubber band or duct tape
4. Put on pants
5. Jog 3 miles
6. Release the gooey goodness from within the condom
7. Delicately place the masterpiece into a whole wheat sausage bun
7. Murder the penis owner with an ardvark or a hammer
8. Sever the penis with a craftsman product, preferably one with rust (for flavor)
9. Add condiments as necessary
10. Serve at room temperature
Jackson: I've just run 47 miles.
Jonesy: Ya, but did you make a chuck wagon?
Jackson: Of course!
Jonesy: Where is T3 when you need him??
by mrm5593 November 20, 2006
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