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The term "Chuck Ryder" is used in reference to the piece of clothing commonly known as a leather jacket. It was coined after the appearance of Andrew "Chuck" Ryder, and his group of mates, at a party all sporting leather jackets. It seemed the leather jackets were not appreciated by all guests. This negative response culminated in Chuck Ryder and his mates being violently chased out of the party dodging glass bottles. Despite this unsavoury incident, the legacy of Chuck Ryder and his band of leather jacket wearing mates lived on.

The term "Chuck Ryder" was derived from South-east Queensland, Australia, where it has become a part of the population's vernacular.
You think your bad with your chips and your Chuck Ryder!

There were an absolute dickload of Chuck Ryders at the Greek Fest!

Its a bit chilly tonight, I might wear my Chuck Ryder!
by crevo July 08, 2009
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