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When someone's legacy is exaggerated beyond what they actually did.
Widely known people whose legacies are affected by the Chuck Norris Effect include:

Chuck Norris. Do an online search for "Chuck Norris facts".

North Korean leadership post-Korean war. Kim Jong-il propaganda told that he averaged 2-3 hole-in-ones per round of golf played, that he invented the idea of using 3 cameras at once to film a movie to save time (in the 1960s), and that he was born on a sacred mountain. All of which are not true or impossible.

Jesus. A man who did many great deeds and brought forth new humanistic philosophies was exaggerated to have fed thousands with only a few loaves of bread, to have performed many inexplicable miracles, to have ascended to heaven while alive after being resurrected after death, etc. The stories of his life were historically recorded several decades after they actually occurred leaving time for word of mouth to allow his legend to grow.

Babe Ruth. Watch the film "The Babe". Search online for historical inaccuracies within the movie.
by jasonjs December 15, 2012
The Chuck Norris Effect, refers to:
-Worshiping someone/something just for the sake of it.

-Worshiping someone/something that was once great and worth worshiping, but has now lost its greatness.

This can CLEARLY be seen with Chuck Norris, who turned into an internet-celebrity and is worshiped pointlessly by many, many people.
Guy 1: Dude, he may have gotten FULL MARKS on all subjects LAST semester, but he failed most subjects this semester, why do we STILL call him a genius?

Guy 2: Dunnu, Chuck Norris Effect I guess...
by TheLatinoGuy November 09, 2010
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