A conjunction of the phase Chu Bout To Do which is a question that asks someone what are you about to do.
Chuck: "HEllo?"
Wax: "Chuber?"
Chuck: "Im bout to get drunk and play playstation, Chuber?"
Wax: "Im bout to come over and drink and smoke, see ya soon."
by Wax from the D July 10, 2008
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Another name giving to a someone who is not liked.
"Dude Shane is such a Chuber"
by J_skize/Dae Dae January 22, 2009
A name of a family originating from what used to be Czechoslovakia in Europe. The name Chuber has more than one spelling-Cubr and Czubr.
Nickname for a pure blood Chuber is Chübs, often mistaken for meaning having an erection. The u with umlaut (ü) is also mistaken for a smiley face.
by AChübs February 03, 2010

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