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A very small (but chubby) rodent that lives inside the male penis. At night it is rumored that this rat comes out and eats away much of your pubic hair, which is why this rat is so chubby. Once it is finished it crawls back inside through the anus, only to begin the very long journey back to the penis, only to have another night of mischief. Masturbation does not affect this rat, and it lives further back as not to be blown apart by the insanly large amount of sperm. The Chubby Cock Rats main diet consists of sperm, pubic hair and lice, and sometimes the bits that get caught in your ass hairs (you know what im talking about). The Chubby Cock Rats Natural enemies are The Right Hand, the Ass Goblin, and the very hostile cock ring.
The Chubby Cock Rat is an endangered species, and you will be fined if you kill or harm one in any way, shape, or form.
person A: "dude wtf my pubes look like aliens mistook them for crop fields"
person B: "aw no man, thats just your Chubby Cock Rat, you probly havent been eating enough cream cheese, so it got hungry, thats all"

A:"dude whats that fat hairy thing in my pants?!"
B:"no worries man, thats just a Chubby Cock Rat, hes probly just hungry, dont make any movement or eye contact and he probly wont bite or try reproducing with you"
by Travis "Dictator" LaFay November 14, 2005
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