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A reference to fatties (people with extra weight). In honor of the Rap Artist Chubb Rock.
Those Chubb Rock's at the office can't get enough of supersizing their meal at the local fast food joint.
by Manny Kooper July 27, 2006
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DC Metro slang for an erection. Refers to 90s rapster Chubb Rock.
I wore tighty whities to the prom so my inevitable chubb rock wouldn't show.
by DC Paulie January 02, 2009
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n. a hefty, stocky man with extra flesh around the back of his neck (i.e. the "sausage effect") and excess fat on or around the waistline.
Celebrity Chubbrocks:
Jon Favreau
Uncle Johnny - "Hey, man"
Jeff Greene from "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

by Johnathan Sia February 11, 2007
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