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Dirtiest of Dirty STD's. Mostly transmitted from Strippers, espeically ones that like to dabble in meth.

Cause is unknown, but studies point to excessive ATM, and cum facials.
Mostly hits the demographic of middle aged men (30-50) who frequent dive strip bars. Side Effect are but not limited to: Bad Breath (duh), Crack head like lessions on face and upper body, pealing lips and discolored whites of eyes -(too much poo in the cum shot)
Moral of the story is strippers are gross... and bad for your health. Chronic Gonacockeye is NO JOKE
Stripper walks up to a poor lonely 36 year old shlup and wants to ATM. They do the deed, facial shot and all. She then comes in for the goodbye kiss.. and BAM Chronic Gonacockeye~ Stripper are the only woman that can carry it.... I think it might be the mass amounts of Victoria secret love spell they wear... apparently smelling like Sweddish fish is attractive?!?!?
by Misslouwho October 19, 2011
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