when you first meet him hes not always the sweetest or the funniest guy you'll ever meet , but as time progresses he turns out to be the nicest , most caring guy you can meet . He'll open his heart completely and show you a total diffrent side , but only if you stick around long enough to see it ... Dont push to talk to him , and dont constantly nag , just give him a little space every once and awhile and he'll be the best friend you'll ever have ..
for me , hes always somehow been there & even when i hadnt talked to him in years we did randomly find each other again ...
Christophers are the greatest men ever ..
" 'You may not believe in the lord,
nor do you worship him ,
but because i care i will pray for you,
so you dont have to' " - Christopher Vaughn
by justsomegirl-xx August 18, 2011

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