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The annual tradition of returning to ones parent's house. Armed with a perfect excuse to lounge around wearing a goofy red hat and bathrobe. Drinking peppermint schnapps and hot-buttered rum, and smoking spearmint sheesha as a daily routine.
Q; How is your winter intercession going?
A: This is Christmas Break man, it's the college-lifestyle at the expense of my parents.
by kaveman ATO December 24, 2009
Christmas Break is an annual period in December for University and College students who return to their hometowns after exams and proceed to wreak havoc on the town, themselves, and others. Christmas Break is complete with copious amounts liquor, poor diet choices and of course hookups that are more often than not greasy.
1. Matt: Man, I did something really greasy last night at that Christmas party...

The Boys: Fuck it, it's Christmas Break.
by Bruce Stringbean December 14, 2013
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