December 23 is known as Christmas Adam. Christmas Adam came before Christmas Eve. We know that this is accurate because according to the Christian Bible, Adam came before eve!
by sagent139 December 26, 2011
The night before Christmas Eve, bcos God created Adam b4 Eve...
23rd Dec Christmas Adam
24th Dec Christmas Eve
25th Dec The Big Mans Day
by spunk bubble December 29, 2009
The day after Christmas. Generally a depressing day when you realize that all the festivities are over and you can't think of anything to look forward to except maybe your birthday or Earth Day. It is also the day when Santa's elves celebrate with milk for about 5 minutes and then begin excitedly making toys for next Christmas (approximately 364 days away). On this day all the little brats typically start making their lists for next Christmas.
Jimmy: What's wrong marshmallow?
Johnny: It's nothing. I just have the Christmas Adam blues.
Jimmy: Don't worry, Earth Day is coming up pretty soon.
Johnny: I guess you're right (sigh). Only 3 months, 26 days, 13 hours, 4 minutes, and 7 seconds!
by MarioLopezTheElf December 29, 2009
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