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A Christmas Krook is someone does not like Christmas !

1. A grumpy person

2. Bad attitude towards Christmas

3. Someone has had a bad experience in their childhood during a year of Christmas that made them hate Christmas as they grew up .

4. A elementary school bully who likes to hurt other kid's feeling by laughing at them and revealing that Santa Clause is not real with public humiliation .
1 . ''Your the mean one , Mr.Grinch ''

2. ''That man is such is such a Krook , why dont someone make a scrooge movie out of him ? ''

3 . ''Oh cheer up , don't be such a Christmas krook and have some Christmas spirit ''

4. '' HHAHAHAAHHAH This kid is such a loser for still thinking that Santa Clause is real ''

''Man that jerk is such a Krook for laughing at that kid just because the kid still is believing Santa Clause ''

''How Mean , What A Krook !!!''
by Steven Griffiths December 03, 2011

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