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Sugar, candy and presents fuel this rage of greed. Christmas crazy usually starts from the time one wakes up on Christmas morning and begins opening their stockings and eating candy but symptoms have been known to manifest in some subjects all year round. Known symptoms are; apathy, greed, selfishness and hyperactivity. Not subject to only human victims.
Hey, why is your cat acting psycho and climbing up through the middle of you Christmas tree?

I don't know, he must be Christmas crazy.
by Satori55 December 11, 2010
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The insanity, irrationality and general madness that sets in shortly after Thanksgiving and does not break until after New Year's Day. Very prevalent in women and can be passed from generation to generation.
Thankfully Christmas is over. I thought I would have to have my wife committed.

Yeah, she's Christmas Crazy, just like her mother.
by makepar December 26, 2016
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