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The opposite of Christideuteronoleviticality, which is the corruption of the message of the pale (Jewish) Galilean by the 1500-year-older blatherings of a group of psychotic priests who should have done posterity a great big favour and gone out and gotten shagged a whole lot more often.
Long live Christihomoality. Adam and Steve would have STAYED in the GODDAMNED GARDEN.
by Fearman December 13, 2007
When the religion of Christianity is corrupted by homosexuals (see faggots, lesbians, gay) who claim to be Christians and practice it openly. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is wrong, and that it is an abomination before God. Therefore, what the homos are doing defeats the entire purpose.
The Catholic Church actually decided to bring in a gay priest, thus bringing Christihomoality into leadership positions.
by Proud Native American December 09, 2004
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