A popular religion founded by a pacifist proto-socialist who promoted social justice, tolerance, and peace. Jesus Christ was a remarkably liberal man for his time, accepting prostitutes and murderers, among others, into his group. Unfortunately corrupted over the years, some branches of Christianity now seem to promote the opposite of the religion's founding aims, drawing on the works of St Paul, an evangelist who lived 50 years after the death of Jesus Christ. These sects of Christianity reverently follow Paul's interpretation, but refuse to accept any more modern interpretations of Christ's life.

Nevertheless, most mainstream Christians, (that is mainstream in the European sense, not the American sense) continue to try to fulfill the original aims of the religion. Please don't judge Christianity on a few mad sects in America and a old-fashioned German pope. Despite getting the most media coverage, they do not accurately represent Christianity and most Christians.
Archbishop Rowan Williams, Cardinal Hume and Mother Teresa are all people who try/tried to follow true Christianity.
by haardvark April 11, 2006
A religion that lots of jerks denigrate because they think it makes them into big men (or women) and that it makes them popular. In reality all it does is make these people look as ignorant and intolerant as those they denigrate.
In other words, it looks like it takes one to know one.
by MrClean March 16, 2005
A religion that follows primarily the teachings of Jesus Christ and the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Christianity has warped over the years. One perfect example is Mark 16:15. Because of this verse, many modern-day "Christians" take it upon themselves to go door-to-door and convert people to their religion. Real Christians, however, don't try to force their religion upon others, as they try to be more Jesus-like, and Jesus never forced his religion upon others; People followed him willfully.
Due to Mark 16:15, many a man believes that Christianity is made up of nothing more than some door-a-knockin' hooligans who only want to bother you while you watch Magnum P.I. to spread "the good news".
by Grizzle01 October 24, 2009
The belief that a jewish Zombie who can make you live forever in paradise if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree... yeah, I can understand why that's the world's most popular religion
Why is it that there are people who believe in Christianity, who look down on Scientology? The two are just as plausible (not at all)
by imaeetufacof December 07, 2007
One of three major religious groups that worship the god of Abraham, also known as Yahweh, Jehovah, and Allah. The others are Judaism and Islam. Held complete domination of Europe through most of the middle ages and erradicated almost all other belief systems in that territory. Early on there was a break between Roman Catholics in the west and Eastern Orthodox Christians in the Byzantine Empire based in Constantinople. The Catholic church had several Protestant churches break off in the early Rennaisance, in a period called the Reformation. Shortly after the Church began the Counter-Reformation which changed many policies and has continued to evolve.

The crusades, medieval witchhunts, and innumerable wars between Christian sects have all spilled enourmous amounts of blood in the name of this religion that professes universal love and brotherhood.

In general, modern Catholics do not believe the Bible is to be taken literally and is open to interpretation (on Oct. 12, 1996, Pope John Paul II announced that he believed the theory of evolution is correct and not in competition with religion). Protestants consist of dozens or hundreds of faiths, and it is from their number that some groups who believe every word in the Bible must be taken literaly and therefore evolution, along with most science, is wrong.
The Christian soldiers burned the city and killed all the men, women, and children, reasoning that "God will sort the dead."
by salute_20 February 27, 2005
Christianity(N): is, in short, forcing people to do what they say with the threat of torture, AKA Hell.
Christianity: Enforcing fascist law since AD500.
by Marco F October 07, 2005
The most unproven and contradictory religion ever created. Many christians are good people, very friendly, but also very ignorant. They don't understand how foolish it is to follow something that can never be proven. They tend to be nominal, since there is no way to ever be a true christian. God tells them to love everyone, and also to not love homosexuals or other religious believers. There is no way to be a true christian following every single law.
In my opinion, why waste your life worshipping a god that you cannot prove exists, only to find out that you wasted much of your life going to church and other activities that christianity forces you to do? A better religion that is commonly thought of as evil is satanism. No, satanists do not worship satan, or any other higher god or evil diety. They believe in human nature, doing what is right because it is right, and taking responsibility for your actions. That sounds like something to believe in.
by hail satan666 November 04, 2007

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