The best friend anyone could ever have in the history of friendships. Super-brilliant! Has a great talent of being very very creative. Lovely laugh, and you'll find out that 95% of the time you're laughing with her. You just want to spend the whole day with her. Has a wonderful sense of humor. Absolutely loves CHUCK NORRIS. Clucks like a rooster. Is in drumline, but used to "play" the saxophone. Is skilled in the art of writing lyrics and singing. A leader. On the inside she might be cowering but outside she is confident and holds her head up high. Has a very admirable personality. Someone you will never ever de-friend.
Student 1: Who's this "Christiana" you speak of?
Student 2: Oh, just* a friend of mine.

* favorite friend in the whole wide world, just the best person I've ever met, just my favorite personality, just the maker of the best jokes, just one who shines like a star.
by Kegrada September 05, 2012
Top Definition
A beautiful girl that is very cheery and always lightens up the room. She is very pretty. She is known to be hyper and never shuts up. It can also be an adjective of being very obnoxious and loud or someone who is always putting a smile on someone's face with her dumb but hilarious statements.
noun- Christiana always turns a dull moment into a party.

-Dude Christiana is so hot!

-I love hanging out with Christiana, we always have such a good time!

adjective- The christiana girl doesn't know how to turn down her volume.

- That girl was so funny and loud we called her Christiana.
by pinkposy123 May 14, 2009
A wonderful, incredibly beautiful girl. Her smile always lights up the room, and makes your day feel all the brighter. The kind of girlfriend you look forward to seeing every day, and once you're with her, you turn speechless with awe at how amazing she is. Her talents are matched only by her sense of humor and love of life. The kind of girl any guy would be lucky to date, even for a short time.
Boy I'm happy my girlfriend is Christiana, she lights up my day.
by aterribleboyfriend February 23, 2011
A hot ass girl who is broken.
Boy 1 "hey Christiana wassup?"
Christiana "just dying inside."
by Waddles_food July 01, 2014
A Christiana is someone who is a blessed person, who is smart, funny and incredibly deep. She does love a good gossip now and then, but always is loyal to you. She is the bestest friend you could ever wish for. She is beautiful, gorgeous, with an amazing singing voice. She is also extremely talented, and adored by many. Christiana also has a model like body.
Friend - did you see that girl?

Friend- Yea, that was Christiana, my BFF.

Friend- wow she's hot.
by BubblyCharlotte September 01, 2013
A Drop Dead Gourgeous Brunette With the An amazing Ass and Boobs. usally really Hyper Loud and funny Guys are usally Intiminated by her because she is such a hottie. Never mistreat Christiana for she is rare.
Boy1 Damn look at that ass!

Boy2 Yahh thats Christiana!
by iknowthatgirl January 25, 2014
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