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1. The thought process used to avoid thinking over a difficult situation that appears to be unrealistic or unlikely

2. The opposite of real logic

1. Brad: if there's no evidence of the existence of Hell, why should I entrust in fear to commit to a superior being


2. Jamal: hey dawgs, let's go break in and hit up some of that nigga's booze.

Noah: Lol! No, but seriously, use your christian logic.

3. Jeremy: Hey dudes! I just figured out a great way to make tons of green. We can go down to Cuba and smuggle illegal gats out of there and head back up to Ohio and sell them. We'll be richer than Diddy!

Noah: You guys, my Jesus levels are at an all time low. Please consult your christian logic, dudes.

by 2 christians, 1 atheist August 31, 2008
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